About Schwung

Schwung is a creative agency for brand communication. We make ambitious clients happy with top-quality online branding. Using a tight strategy, formidable design and great content, we make brands more interesting, stronger and more relevant. To put it briefly:

Full service
We’re a 'small' agency that delivers 'big' work. Loads of experience goes hand in hand with unbridled enthusiasm. We’re ambitious. What we do, we do well. That’s why we have the core disciplines in-house: strategy, design, development and online marketing. But we also realise that you can't be brilliant at everything. That's why we love working with fellow professionals: Copywriters, illustrators, photographers, animators and others. Together, we provide a full range of services.

Branding that makes you happy

Schwung likes to work from an integral approach. We align strategy, design, development and online marketing. Everything is aimed at strengthening your brand. Performance optimisation keeps us focused on the effect of our branding. That’s what we enjoy. And that’s what will make your brand happy.

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Peter Cuunders
Art director
Nick de Cock
Creative Strategist
Liesbeth Rutten
Arjan Hoogervorst
Gijs Biekens
Online marketer
Nancy Versteden