Finding or retaining customers and employees. Telling your brand story. Hard sales, or building a community. Everything starts online. Schwung helps ambitious companies at every stage of the online process. From digital strategy, UX and web design, development and hosting, to content development and optimisation.

Identity and customisation
We believe your brand deserves a unique identity. We know that ‘one size fits all’ just doesn’t work. Quality requires customisation: in functionality, design, content and code. This means no standard templates and quick fixes. But rather, well-thought-out work that contributes to increasing your brand value, findability and online success.

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UX design

Function, purpose and content in balance. Focus on user experience and conversion. Content first. And one page, one goal!


Corporate website
Working at website
Campaign website
Web development

Web development

The actual building of the web application. Tight code. Attractive visualisation. Findable and accessible! Optimisation


A website is never finished. Once we’ve delivered your website, that’s only the beginning. Testing, measuring and optimising.


We have a strong preference for developing in Umbraco. A robust CMS. Suitable for large complex websites and online solutions. Linking up with external main and back-office systems is no problem at all, thanks to Umbraco's open architecture. Because we’re pleased with Umbraco and what it does for our clients, we’ve brought its development 'in house'.

By the way, we’re not averse to other systems like Wordpress, Magento and Drupal. For these projects, we work together with partner developers. In the end, we choose the most appropriate technical solution on a case-by-case basis.


Digital accessibility is about giving everyone, of differing abilities the opportunity to use all forms of digital information and services. By offering content in the right way, you can be certain that it can be used by everyone. So you comply with the international WCAG 2.1 guidelines. And your findability improves. This is compulsory for government websites. We are happy to help ensure your website is accessible

Performance optimisation

A website is never finished. Once we’ve delivered your website, that’s only the beginning. Testing, measuring and optimising. A continuous process to make sure the web application does what it’s meant to do. It's about usability, organic findability, technical optimisation and conversion. Are you ambitious? Then performance optimisation is for you.

We work with you to determine your optimisation objectives based on quarterly analyses. And we work in sprints on performance improvement. If your organisation has online ambitions, we’ll help you analyse and optimise, and realise those ambitions.