Online marketing

Online marketing is important. You don't have to convince anyone of this. It’s all focused on findability, conversion and clicks. Schwung makes a difference because we address online marketing as an integral part of branding and web development. Not just clicks, but also content, technology, brand value and brand loyalty.

We work for brands that want to grow online. We not only deliver clicks, leads and revenue, we also think it's important that your brand is visible. We provide acceleration of online growth, your brand and your business. This starts with organic findability. Great content and tight technology.

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Search engine & conversion optimisation, search engine advertising. Display advertising


Campaign for hyper-local targeting of target groups.

Mobile advertising

In combination with geofencing. A powerful tool to reach very specific target groups

Digital out of home

Programmatic advertising.

Geofencing | Accurately reach your target group

Do you know how to accurately reach your organisation's target group? It’s quite a challenge, especially now that there are more channels than ever. Your target group is everywhere. There are many ways to target, such as based on demographics, location or affinity. But in essence, it's still hit and miss. Sometimes a more direct approach is better.

Location-based marketing

This is not new within online marketing. Showing ads in a specific area can be done with Google Ads, for example. This allows you to target accurately within a radius of up to one kilometre. But within that kilometre, you still have large audience, which is often not what you want. Hyper geotargeting makes it possible to reach your target audience accurately: between seven and twenty metres.

So, you can target mobile devices within a predefined digital fence, for example a trade show or festival site. Or we can focus on all of your competitor's locations. This enables us to reach your target group in a clearly directed approach. Smaller scoop. Higher conversion.

Mobile advertising and digital out of home

In a geofence campaign we send mobile ads or use digital out-of-home advertising. This offers really specific possibilities. Especially if the data is linked, for example, to weather conditions or other publicly available databases.

Thanks to the many thousands of digital screens in premium locations, digital out of home (DOOH) means you can now reach a large part of the Netherlands. Unlike traditional media, it allows you to reach precisely that target group that’s relevant for your business.