Schwung works integrally on brands. Whether you are starting a new business. You want to improve or expand your existing brand. We are happy to get started for you. Our goal is to make brands more beautiful, stronger and more relevant. That makes us happy. And when we do it right, you as well. Because a strong brand has long lasting value. 

Brand development

Brand development helps entrepreneurs and organizations to think and communicate from their DNA and the added value that their brand adds to the lives of others. You strengthen your brand through positive associations and visibility

Brand activation

Brand activation has to do with the interaction between the consumer / company and the brand and creating a real experience with that brand or product. With Brand Activation you activate a brand and build the identity of your brand.


Brand stretching

Further 'stretching' the brand value of a brand across new products, areas of application and propositions. Brand growth is common and relatively silent. communication can speed up and strengthen this process.

Brand monitoring

Meaningful brands are and remain in balance through brand monitoring. In the fundamentals, the brand identity, the brand concept and the brand experience work together perfectly. In addition, these brands also know how to maintain this very well and to continue to implement it by means of brand monitoring.